[Free] SIM Cards Hacking Fundamentals: Part 1

[Free] SIM Cards Hacking Fundamentals: Part 1


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It is one of the most popular concerns of today as most people want to hack SIM cards. We are talking about SIM cards hacking.

How to hack a SIM cards?

A SIM card is a small sized, memory card which is mostly used to connect multiple networks. SIM cards have mainly two types of configurations, which are a single SIM card configuration and a dual SIM card configuration.

SIM cards have to main categories CDMA / GSM here I am focused on GSM SIM cards. This cards have two types of charging system PREPAID and POSTPAID.


Prepaid cards already have a tax plan assigned to them and they are cheaper


SIM Card Structure

SIM Cards Hacking

GSM SIM filesystem StructureGSM SIM filesystem Structure

SIM cards hold a profile mapped by the network operator, these cards have a storage capacity 8k,16k,32k128k,etc…

MF – Master Files

DF – Dedicated Files

EF – Elementary Files

Standards : GSM 11.11 – 3GPP 51.011

SIM Card Profiles

Network Requirements

  • MCC / MNC
  • IMSI
  • ICC-ID
  • SMS Parameters

Marketing Requirements

  • Phonebook
  • Number of Short Messages
  • Service Dialing Number (Customer Care Numbers
  • Mailbox Number

Business Requirements

  • Roaming Partner List
  • PIN Handling



  • SIM – Single IMSI or Dual IMSI
  • RUIM – Single CDMS or Combo CDMA+GSM

ICC-ID is defined by ITU-T E.118

The ICC-ID has 19 digits and calculated using Luhn algorithm.


89 – Tele

91 – CC

15 – MNC

100 – Vendor

000000011 – Serial Number

8 – Checksum

IMSI – International Mobile Subscriber Identity

The IMSI has 15 digits and is unique across all globe and indicates the home network of the subscriber.



SIM Keys

SIM Cards Hacking