WHID Elite: Open-Source Multi-Purpose Offensive Device

WHID Elite: Open-Source Multi-Purpose Offensive Device

WHID Elite is a GSM-enabled Open-Source Multi-Purpose Offensive Device that allows a threat actor to remotely inject keystrokes, bypass air-gapped systems, conduct mousejacking attacks, do acoustic surveillance, RF replay attacks and much more. In practice, is THE Wet Dream of any Security Consultant out there!

Original Product Description

WHID Elite Features

  • 2G/GSM Networks remote control
  • Remote Audio surveillance
  • Mouse-jacking Attacks
  • RF Replay Attacks
  • Remote HID Injection
  • Weaponize USB Devices

Hardware Inside

  • Microphone
  • GSM SIM800L
  • NRF24 Chip
  • Battery Adapter

WHID Elite

Hardware Needed

  • WHID Elite
  • Lipo Battery 1000mAh
  • JST-PH 1.25 Connector
  • 433 Mhz Modules TX/RX
  • 2G/GSM SIM Card

2G / GSM Networks Remote Control

Remote Audio Surveillance

Mouse-jacking Attacks

WHID Elite Git

vulnerable to mousejack wireless keyboard mice and keyboards usb dongle plugged vulnerable devices operating system keystroke injection coffee shop wireless mouse mouse clicks wireless mice class of vulnerabilities 100 meters mousejacking attack udp ports mouse or keyboard port 31337